Broc Smith

Broc is a 22 year old Smart Contract & Web3 developer residing in San Diego, California. He's been passionate about programming since he was 14, and has an immense love for learning. Despite his age, Broc has lead multiple crypto projects to success. On a day off, catch Broc solving new programming challenges, hanging out at the beach, helping with other projects, or DJ'ing techno and jungle. Broc loves meeting new people, so reach out via email, Twitter, or Discord.

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I'm a 22 year old aspiring Smart Contract & Web3 developer residing in San Diego, California. I've been passionate about programming and design since I was 14. I'd love to connect!

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Plans & Goals


Tips For Young Devs

If you're a young dev looking to get started in the crypto space, I've compiled some tips from my own experiences and from the experiences of others to help you dive right in.

Creating a 10k PFP project with Arweave

A common misconception about most image NFTs is that the images they link to are permanent. Because most NFTs are merely using IPFS to host their images, this is not the case. That's where Arweave comes in. In this blog post, you'll learn how to create a 10k NFT profile picture project using Solidity & Arweave from start to finish, with code examples. Let's dive in!